Case Study – OCTA

Orange County’s demographics have changed. A third of the county’s overall population is Latino, and it now boasts the third largest Asian American population in the nation, behind only Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties. Nearly 50 percent of Orange County residents speak a language other than English at home. The Orange County Transportation Authority […]

Case Study – PCTPA

In late 2013, FSBPA was retained by the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA) to establish foundational groundwork for a potential transportation sales tax measure in 2016. Like many other counties across the state, Placer was not immune to a crippling shortage in transportation funding. It is no longer fiscally practical to rely on federal […]

Case Study – Measure M

By 2005, Orange County’s Measure M, a local ½ cent sales tax to fund transportation projects, was nearing the end of its authorized 20-year life. The initial tax had been authorized in 1990 by a bare majority (prior to clarification that such measures required a 2/3 vote) after two prior failures. It was FSB’s responsibility […]

Case Study – Ford

The recovering and vibrant Ford Motor Company brand of today is a relatively new phenomenon. As recently as 2006, Ford was on the ropes in California, with market share below 9% and falling. The dealer network in California was in open revolt against the manufacturer, and some wondered if Ford would survive, with its demise […]

Case Study – California Restaurant Association

In 2013, Governor Jerry Brown and the Legislature compromised on an increase to the state’s minimum wage to $10.00 per hour; however, national labor and employee groups have pressed forward with a comprehensive drive to organize fast food and chain restaurant workers and drive for a $15.00/hour wage. This attack would not only do serious […]

Case Study – Coca-Cola

FSB Core Strategies was retained by The Coca-Cola Company to assist with earned media and influencer relations around key company initiatives such as Sprite Spark Parks and America Is Your Park in the southern California region. The Coca-Cola Company often faces adversity when it comes to its product line-up. Not only does The Coca-Cola Company […]